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Portraits and Costume - European

Cornelius Jansenius. Episcopus Gandavensis. (ca. 16th century.)

Size: 29.53 H x 17.72 W inches

Source: Early Theologians.

ID#: 83612

Copper plate engraving. Approx. 7. 5 x 4.5 cm in the plate. Subject: 1585-1638, Dutch theologian, Ypresi Catholic Bishop, founder of jansenismi. NF. Corneille Janssens, commonly known by the Latinized name Cornelius Jansen or Jansenius, (October 28, 1585–May 6, 1638) OR Cornelius Jansen, the Elder[1] (born at Hulst, Flanders, 1510; died at Ghent, 11 April 1576) was a Flemish Catholic exegete.